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About Us

RBS Refrigeration Services operates on the premise that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. We differ from our competitors by providing a superior and unmatched level of communication with our clients. Our operations consist of five dedicated departments which enable us to offer specialized service to all of our retail customer equipment including:

  • Parallel Rack Systems
  • Self-contained Refrigeration Units
  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation
  • Secondary Fluid Systems
  • Energy Management and Monitoring

Vital to our success is the preventative services that we promote among our customers, supervisors, and service technicians. Upon receiving a service call, we collect pertinent information to match the most qualified and experienced technician to your particular problem. In some cases, remote monitoring of the refrigeration equipment is possible. This proactive method of troubleshooting ensures that any service issues are promptly addressed.

Upon completion of the service call, we follow-up with a post service delivery phone call to ensure you are satisfied with the work performed. Your valuable feedback allows us to continually refine and improve our service offering, making us the best choice for your refrigeration needs. We also dispatch service supervisors to perform examinations of previously performed work by our technicians. Ensuring your total satisfaction with our service process guarantees quality performance for your equipment. E2 Controllers, E2 Controllers, E2 Controllers E2 Controllers, Einstein Controllers, Einstein Controllers, Einstein Controllers, CPC E2 Controller, CPC E2 Controller, CPC E2 Controller,CPC E2 Controller, RX 400, RX 400, RX 400 Emerson E2, Emerson E2, Emerson E2, CPC, CPC