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Our Services

Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration




RBS Refrigeration Services engineering staff has extensive experience dealing with mechanical problems requiring engineering and redesign which involve high power consumption and preventing future mechanical failures. We provide the most advanced technological methods that consist of store commissioning in which we are able to analyze equipment performance in any given condition. Serving the full scope of retail refrigeration, our services include a wide spectrum of installation and support including:

  • Refrigeration Systems
  • HVAC
  • Heat Reclaim Systems
  • Flow Control Valves
  • Compressors Stage Strategies

Our well-trained and professional technicians receive continuous in-house education. They periodically attend the latest Emerson Climate Technologies seminars to stay abreast of the new revisions and latest versions in refrigeration controllers, as well as the fundamentals of mechanical operation of compressors and flow controls. This involves:

  • Copeland Discus Compressors
  • Digital Scroll
  • Variable Speed Drives (Control Techniques)
  • ISD Compressors
  • RX and BX 300-400 Controllers
  • Control Link

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